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Here are some helpful phone tips we live by...

Never leave your phone unattended.


Live operators, not machines, take the best messages. We provide the human touch with professionally trained real people who pride themselves on the accuracy and timeliness of your messages.

Don’t give out servicer cell phone numbers to your customers. If the phone is reassigned it can cause havoc.


Voicemail should only be used as an option -- not as the primary answering tool. The caller should first be given the option of leaving a message and secondarily voicemail.


When taking a message, always get the best number, an alternate and best time or day part to return the call.


If your business sometimes services emergencies, start with the phrase “if this is an emergency...”, and clearly instruct the caller what to do next.


“Short text messages” are a great way to communicate in silence. Remember to write concisely, never making the recipient scroll down.


The number one way to NOT respond to a caller’s request to speak with someone is to use the phrase: “He hasn't made it in yet.” Try responding to the caller with: “He has stepped out of the office. Would you like to leave a message...?”


“Press 1 to stay on hold forever, Press 2 for irritating music...” “Can’t I just talk to a real person!?” Most people simply get mad and hang-up on automated call-routing systems. When Answerfone answers, the caller will always hear a human voice, guaranteed.

Our staff is experienced in responding to sensitive issues.

As always, we maintain your privacy and availability to the degree you request.