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At Answerfone, your patients have always reached a human first.


Started in 1925 as Doctor’s Exchange, today, Answerfone continues to be an indispensable asset to the medical community throughout Arkansas and the mid-south.

Answerfone’s primary focus is offering live operator services, 24/7. We utilize state-of-the-art data gathering computer technology and enhanced network features to deliver timely, accurate messaging, customized to our clients’ specific requirements.


Regardless of your specialty, our highly-trained staff provides accurate attention to details for the busy medical practice.

Conscientiously and professionally we strive to meet the needs of the doctor, the medical staff and the patient.

Become more responsive with a customized call center communications plan from Answerfone.

Our staff is experienced in responding to sensitive issues.

As always, we maintain your privacy and availability to the degree you request. Our technology and procedures are HIPAA compliant.

At Answerfone, real people take your calls when you’re busy, you’re out or it’s afterhours. Your patients won’t forget you’re human.

We never give medical advice...

...but we do communicate your message to you or your staff, with clarity, precision and in a timely fashion. Answerfone’s team of professionally trained live operators interact with your patients according to your guidelines, 24/7/365. We answer when you can’t.