Answerfone Answering Service ...we listen

We become an extension of your office staff.

When your receptionist can’t take the “overflow” calls, Answerfone takes a message for the attorney asked for and promptly emails or texts the message to that attorney. The caller never knows they are not talking to the receptionist.

At Answerfone, real people take your calls when you’re busy, you’re out or it’s after hours. Your clients won’t forget you’re human.

Our staff is experienced in responding to sensitive issues.

As always, we maintain your privacy and availability to the degree you request.

  • Corporate Law

    Corporate firms operate 24 hours per day in our multinational, web enabled world. Your clients may still be hard at work on the next big idea or strategizing mergers and acquisitions in another time zone. If Answerfone operators answer a call that is urgent, they can “patch” or connect it to the proper person as needed. Having a real person always answer reinforces your reputation and revenue.

  • Criminal Law

    DUI and drug related offenses are common fixtures in many criminal defense practices. Often, desperate calls from new clients come in the middle of the night and on weekends when your office is closed. Answerfone provides criminal defense lawyers and firms with professional, around-the-clock telephone answering coverage. When a potential client calls the operators can gather the information needed and connect or “patch” to an attorney or paralegal.

  • Family Law

    From divorce and custody battles to adoptions and marriage, family law attorneys help clients navigate both happy and difficult life situations. Even though life never stops. Attorneys can’t be available all hours to talk to clients.

    Many firms use Answerfone to have a real caring person answer and assure the client that the attorney will call them back as soon as possible.

  • Personal Injury

    By the time a client calls, they're already in pain. From bodily injuries to economic crisis, distress or grievances, each claim should be handled with professionalism and respect.

    Answerfone provides personal injury lawyers and firms with competent, compassionate live telephone answering coverage 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Whether your practice handles individuals or class action suits the professionals at Answerfone understand that when it comes to criminal, personal injury or loss, each live call answered is critical to the success of your business.

Your advertising only works if someone answers the phone...

If you’re spending a lot of money on advertising and disappointed at the response, it could be you’re missing leads by not having a real person answer at Answerfone.

Several law firms use Answerfone to assist during the day and then answer after hours to answer the calls generated by their advertising. If the caller wants to hire an attorney right away, the operator at Answerfone can say “hold a moment and I’ll connect you to someone that can assist you.”  We then “patch” the call to an attorney. All according to your instructions.

When Answerfone answers, smaller law offices can better utilize the skills of their paralegal or secretary by putting a halt to constant phone interruptions. We help prioritize calls and the attorney can return them at their convenience. And, when you’re going out or you’re understaffed, turn us on, and you’ll see the difference.

Press 1 to stay on hold forever, Press 2 for irritating music...

“Can’t I just talk to a real person!?” Most people simply get mad and hang-up on automated call-routing systems. When Answerfone answers, the caller will always hear a human voice, guaranteed. We answer when you can’t.