Answerfone Answering Service ...we listen

For years, Answerfone has been providing government and utility services with call center services.

Water, waste water, gas, electric and cable companies use Answerfone to improve after hour customer service and to streamline their customer communications by having a real person answer their calls. Calls answered are dispatched as directed by the company to on-call technicians and a detailed report is sent to the office each morning.


With Answerfone you can be sure:

When you or your representatives are away from your office, your calls will be received, documented precisely and processed in a timely fashion to your attention for proper review and action.

We understand the intense level of government office regulations requiring that your live calls are to be answered, documented and processed according to strict procedures.

Your telephone calls will be received and processed by our specially trained live receptionists to ensure the highest levels of quality control at all times.

Many federal, state, city, and municipal government offices receive calls after hours, weekends and holidays that must be addressed. They use Answerfone to have a real person answer, document and deliver these calls.

“A service intensive organization was relying heavily on cell phone call forwarding to provide emergency access to “available” third party sub-contractors. When the subs became overloaded with calls and let impersonal ‘voice mail’ take the calls -- callers were unhappy at the response times and in some cases ‘lost’ phone calls were not returned. The real people at Answerfone can develop a follow-through reporting procedure so phone calls will never slip through the cracks.”

Our specific answering expertise includes:


municipal utilities

law enforcement


highway department roadwork emergencies

cable and Internet services

coroner’s offices

We respond to your callers 24/7/365.

When you’re unavailable to your callers – Answerfone knows just what to say.

We add the human touch with professionally trained-live operators that pride themselves on the accuracy and timeliness of your messages. Flexible plans to meet your needs – overnight phone monitoring, staff gone to lunch, office vacation – we do it all.