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A clinic’s communication with patients  should show compassion rather than indifference.

Several of the clinic’s physicians were concerned that their automated attendant was just that... too automated!  Patients stayed frustrated and wanted to talk to a human.

Your patients will feel better immediately because they’ve talked to a live person instead of battling a voice mail system. At Answerfone, we reassure the caller with a live human voice and you’ll receive accurate, timely messaging you just can’t get from a machine. After hours, weekends, overloaded? We answer when you can’t.

There is no substitute for the caring live voice of another human being when we are troubled or under stress due to illness. Our staff compassionately assures your sick patient or the parent of a sick child that the doctor is being called immediately.

We have many options available to the medical practice that meets the demands, styles and level of service desired by the individual doctor or medical clinic.

Our staff is experienced in responding to sensitive issues.

As always, we maintain your privacy and availability to the degree you request. Our technology and procedures are HIPAA compliant.

By using Answerfone and speaking with a real person, patients know the doctors and office staff care.

A medical clinic was using voice mail to gather messages from patients. The clinic’s patient profile was primarily elderly and they were annoyed with the impersonal voice mail system. Answerfone now provides the clinic with a ‘humans first’ system that maintains the critical patient/physician relationship.”