Answerfone Answering Service ...we listen

We respond to your callers 24/7/365.

When you’re unavailable to your callers – Answerfone knows just what to say.

We add the human touch with professionally trained-live operators that pride themselves on the accuracy and timeliness of your messages. Flexible plans to meet your needs – overnight phone monitoring, staff gone to lunch, office vacation – we do it all.


Businesses that care about Customer Service know Answerfone works...

All the companies that use Answerfone understand that in today’s world you must offer outstanding customer service. A real person must always answer your business calls.

Callers sense an indifference when anything automated answers. You don’t want your callers to hang up and call a competitor.


Companies with large call volume...

Many businesses have phone systems that have such a large call volume that they need someone to take the “overflow calls.” We fill that need.  When their multiple lines are busy, the calls come to Answerfone, we take the message and email them to the office or person asked for. The caller never knowing they are not talking to the company.


After hours Service Calls?

Many service or mechanical companies use Answerfone as a third party to take and dispatch their after hour service calls. The office gets a record each morning of all the calls. The office can cross check the service tickets with the report and can also make appointments for customers needing next day service.


We also handle internal Communication Services...

Outsourcing part of your HR program to Answerfone makes sense. As an unbias third-party, we can answer and document employee call-ins including absenteeism.


Our staff is experienced in responding to sensitive issues.

As always, we maintain your privacy and availability to the degree you request.

“Please wait for the beep” is the perfect way to run business off.

Clients want to talk with people, not to “answering” machines or other call-answering technologies. When your clients call and you’re not in, don’t let them hear that impersonal beep. Let them hear a pleasant Answerfone operator. Your clients will appreciate the difference.

We answer for many service related companies:


oil and gas industry

rental equipment companies

disaster reporting

construction companies


commercial refrigeration



financial consultants

“An oil and gas exploration company was missing calls after hours. Land lease customers were loosing patience by being forced into pressing impersonal sequences of numbers to access their accounts. Answerfone setup a human interface system that is truly on the cutting edge.”

What's wrong with forwarding calls to a cell phone?

Answerfone now answers for more companies that unfortunately were advised to “just call forward to your cell phone.”

They found that there were many problems such as, bad and lost connections, getting calls when you really can’t talk and the worst, the customer questioning the legitimacy of their business. Let Answerfone get the call when you can’t.